MyRight2Vote Campaign

MyRight2Vote had tried to have a parallel election to the National Election of the 23rd August 2023, for the Zimbabwean diaspora. However the logistical challenges were formidable meaning that a credible plebiscite was not feasible at this juncture. For it was important to educate the Zimbabwe Election Commission, ZEC , with respect to how to hold a credible elections. However lessons learnt from the envisaged parallel election are now ploughed into the Referendum, producing considerable advantages ;-
1. Instead of canvassing only the diaspora population in a parallel election 6.1 million, we are now canvassing the whole Zimbabwean electorate of over 12 million. Sign the Referendum.
2. The parallel election was going to be over one day , i.e. on the 23rd August 2023. The Referendum is not over one day but is continuous, thus growing in attraction with time. For it is not a spring but a marathon. Sign the Referendum.
3. The indefinite Referendum will allow the Zimbabwean Diaspora matter to be alive continuously and to be at the fore front of the political arena, with respect to democracy in Zimbabwe. Sign the Referendum.
4. Legitimacy. This Referendum will achieve great legitimacy when it has more signatures to it than the number of votes Zanu PF obtains in the 2023 elections. Achieving more than the total number of registered voters in the 2023 elections i.e. 6.1 million, would completely finish the legitimacy of any stolen election by Zanu PF. This road map can only be achieved by a continuous indefinite Referendum, with a growing signature count. Sign the Referendum.
5. A growing indefinite Referendum would seek, Southern African Development Countries, SADC, Troika Resolutions for The Human Right to Vote in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean diaspora. Sign the Referendum.
6. A growing indefinite Referendum would be in a position to put pressure for African Union Resolutions, with respect to The Human Right to Vote in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean diaspora. Sign the Referendum.
7. A growing indefinite Referendum would be in a far better position to lobby within the EC for Resolutions, supporting the Human Right to vote in Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean diaspora. Sign the Referendum.
8. A growing indefinite Referendum would be in a powerful position to lobby nations for United Nation Resolutions, including UN Security Council resolutions. Sign the Referendum.
9. A growing indefinite Referendum would provide strong evidence to be used for returning back to the Regional Courts. Sign the Referendum.
10. A growing indefinite Referendum would be a tool for use in approaching the international Courts. Sign the Referendum.
11. This indefinite Referendum would be very powerful on the diplomatic front and engagement with other nations, regional bodies and international organisations, e.g. International Financial Services. Sign the Referendum.
12. With respect to The Diaspora Vote there are now six previous petitions within Over as many years. Showing that the Zimbabwean Diaspora want to exercise their Human Right to Vote

The full outcome of this Referendum at this stage during these elections will also be forwarded to ;-
• All Southern African Development Countries, SADC with respect to whether the 2023 elections adhered to the SADC Principles for holding Elections. In this case not just looking at the very thin adherence that has been shown by the Zanu PF government but rather the volumes of evidence to the contrary.
• In South Africa to the South African government. Also to the African National Congress, ANC, The Democratic Alliance, DA, The Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF and other political parties in South Africa, including Civic Organisations, Trade Unions and Human Rights Organisations. So that in South Africa's year of election 2024, there may be a proper well informed debate about Zanu PF, Zimbabwe and the matter of Exemption Permits. What would happen in South Africa if the ANC government denied the vote to over 50% of the electorate, just because it was afraid of losing the 2024 election? This is what has occurred in Zimbabwe with Zanu PF.
• The Zimbabwe Election Commission, ZEC and the Zimbabwean government (Hence the anonymous signatures ) .
• In Zimbabwe, to Civic Organisations, Trade Unions, Human Rights Organisations, Political Parties, Faith Groups.
• The African Union and its formal structures
• The Commonwealth Of Nations
• The European Union and its formal structures in particular those portfolios that have assisted, financially / resources wise to this 2023 election process in Zimbabwe.
• The United Nations;
◦ Security Council
◦ General Assembly
◦ Human Rights Commission