ED Mnangagwa and his violenceZimbabwe has turned into a full blown banana republic because of one man holding the country hostage with his authoritarianism as if he is even above the constitution himself. Mnangagwa has done worse in a short period of time he has ruled Zimbabwe, from seeing the tanks rolling in the streets of Harare for the first time on August 2018.

On the 30th of May 2024 he appeared at an event in Chikomba where he openly acknowledged a slogan that he will be ruling in 2030. What does the constitution say? According to section 91(2) of the constitution: “A person is disqualified for election as President or appointment as Vice-President if he or she has already held office as President for two terms, whether continuous or not, and for the purpose of this subsection three or more years is deemed to be a full term.”

By 2028 the President would have served his two terms so he will not be eligible to stand as President or Vice President. However, we are likely to see the President going further his term but as the Zimbabweans in the Diaspora we have organised to seek the international intervention through petitioning relevant organisations to stop the constitutional injustice.

I was part of the organising team in the UK that wants to see reversals and changing of the worst laws created by Mnangagwa, We held a successful demonstration, handing over  the petition to PM at 10 Downing Street on the 30th of May 2024. Joining myself in organising was John Burke of ZHRO,  supporting the 5 other petitioners; Ronald Mutumbi, Michelle Nokuthaba Mpofu, Greatman Makipa, Diana Machingauta, Christian Tendai Mapfumo. Also joining were other Zimbabwean Activists who want this abuse of law, human rights, and violence to stop in Zimbabwe. These were included Xoliso Sithole, Vengai MutsawuEvelyn Chigaro; Dickson Chikwizo; Mashama P Mause; Jane Mundangedfupse; Xoliso Sithole; Tryness Ncube; Sibangani Sibanda; Kelvin Mhlanga; Pelly Ziramba; Josephine Jenje; Chido Shamu; Xolisani Masuku and Johnson Bhila

AIZ PVO infoWhat happens next? Petitioning other foreign offices in the UK, and the new PM or the government after July 4th 2024, holding protests the same time the SADC Summit is taking place in Harare in August as we are concerned on the ‘deaf ear’ which SADC has turned to solve the crisis in Zimbabwe. Or perhaps, we could say the whole SADC was bribed by Mnangagwa as we have heard allegations that the ANC party in South Africa was given a token of $3 million for the elections.

If Mnangagwa extends his term until 2030 it is likely he will go beyond that and his two terms has been disastrous with creating a parliamentary ‘crime scene’, introducing the Patriotic Act which is already law and soon to sign the PVO Bill just to suppress Human Rights Activists and Citizens.

Will Mnangagwa succeed in amending the Constitution? It is evident he will, but however if he succeeds in amending the constitution the amendment will not apply to Mnangagwa. Section 328(7) was designed to make it difficult for Presidents to extend their terms of office:

 “Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, an amendment to a term-limit provision.[Note: section 91(2) is a term-limit provision] the effect of which is to extend the length of time that a person may hold or occupy any public office, does not apply in relation to any person who held or occupied that office, at any time before the amendment.” 

We have seen the PVO hearings, violence took place, no one was allowed to object as the Zanu-PF youths were brought in, to ‘support’ this bill. Myself and ZHRO have written abount the PVO Bill and its implication for opponents of the Zimbabwe regime {Zanu PF - effectively now a "One Party State"} See below for links to previous information;

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