Mnangagwa destroys democracy - IMAGE @Steve_Hanke on XIn the Chinese Built (!!) Parliament Building the (false) Leader of The House, appointed the (Zanu PF stooge) TSHABANGU as ‘Leader of the Opposition’. Thus now a 100% Zanu PF controlled Parliament. This despite millions of votes for CCC MP’s on 23-24th August 2023 - which now count for nothing, zero, zilch! The election was a pointless charade! A slap in the face to all those who struggled (and those that died) trying to cast their Democratically and Constitutionally Mandated VOTE.

From the X/Twitter Post of David Coltart {Made on 31st May 2024} he eloquently makes the point that the “declaration” by the (corrupted) Leader of the House (Parliament) cannot be accepted. Otherwise there is a De facto “ONE PARTY STATE IN ZIMBABWE”

“”I am appalled by the statement made by the Speaker of Parliament yesterday that Mr Tshabangu has been recognised as the leader of the Opposition in Parliament. In my view this act is in fact contemptuous of Parliament itself.””

  • "At their core all Parliaments throughout the world are meant to be representative institutions. They have been established to give the public a voice. The whole purpose of elections is to ensure that elected MPs can enunciate the concerns and issues of those who elected them. This is the very essence of representative democracy. It follows that the leader of the Opposition must be a person who clearly represents the interests of citizens who oppose the government of the day and who has been clearly chosen by them, either directly or indirectly, to lead them in Parliament."
  • "In the case of Mr Tshabangu, it is clear that he only represents his own interests and at most a tiny cabal of people around him. The facts are stark. He has never held any high office in the MDC, or any of its successors since it was established in September 1999. At the May 2019 MDC A Congress in Gweru he was not elected to any office. After the formation of the CCC he was not elected or appointed to any office. In the August 2023 General Election he was not elected to any ward or constituency."
  • "The facts show that after the general election last year he purported to appoint himself as SG of the CCC, and subsequently to nominate himself as a PR Senator. He has now appointed himself as Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. Once again there is no evidence that this has been sanctioned by anybody other than he himself. The fact that Courts in judgments of exceptionally dubious and flawed jurisprudential reasoning have supported him in this illegal conduct does not rectify the fact that he does not represent anyone. Other than his own say so there is no independent evidence of him being elected or appointed to these offices. In short, he represents no constituency, either directly or indirectly, and has little palpable support amongst the general electorate."
  • "It is simply farcical for him to be presented as the Leader of the Opposition based on his own assertion. The Speaker has done both Parliament and the Nation a disservice by associating himself and Parliament with this narcissistic conduct. It brings Parliament into contempt in the eyes of democrats and rational people both in Zimbabwe and elsewhere. In fact, it does immense damage to Zimbabwe's reputation internationally. Conduct like this simply would not be tolerated anywhere else in the democratic world."
  • "Those who support this conduct need to have some serious introspection about the damage they are doing to "Brand #Zimbabwe". All this does is make us the laughing-stock of the world."

How can UK, US, EU and SADC support this ONE PARTY STATE? Questions need to be posted by all these Ambassadors to this effective "political coup"

Note of thanks to @Steve_Hanke on Twitter/X for his Zimbabwe Art works, imagery and Zimbabwe's Inflation & Currency Incompetencies/Shenanigans!!