To say 50% of the Zimbabwean electorate have been denied their Human Right to Vote is a profound statement and should make other nations concerned, indeed very concerned. Below as an example we have used the Zanu PF government position of reducing the Zimbabwean voters register by 50% and transposed it onto other countries. The Zanu PF government has used the ridiculous argument that those citizens who are outside the country cannot vote. In equal measure we have also used the equally ridiculous argument that those people that like apples cannot vote. The numbers are large and beg the question as to whether such an election would be credible and deemed to have been free and fair. If such an arbitrary reduction in their respective election registers would be unacceptable for these countries, then why would it be acceptable for Zimbabwe. For Zimbabwe is not subscribing to a third-rate democracy or being a pariah State. Zimbabwe wants a first-rate democracy just like other countries.

How would the people of The Republic of South Africa feel, if over-night their electoral Register had changed from a figure of 26,779,025 ( Twenty six million, Seven Hundred and seventy nine thousands and twenty five ) voters, down to a figure of only 13,389,513 ( Thirteen million, three hundred and eighty nine thousand, five hundred and thirteen ) voters. Just because the government of the day used an excuse that is not in the constitution, like “they were denied their Human Right to Vote because they like apples “. This is exactly what the Zanu PF government of Zimbabwe has done. Instead of using the “like apples “example, they have just said “outside the Country“. An illegal justification which is outside of the constitution of Zimbabwe.