Democracy itself is on trial here, with respect to the Human Right to Vote question in Zimbabwe. Those nations that espouse the principles of democracy have a choice to make.

They could pretend that they have not seen or heard about the Democracy crisis in Zimbabwe and thereby do nothing. Doing nothing is no longer an option in this new geopolitical world, this new world order. The international political world is in profound flux like never before and is in desperate need of stability along common grounds, around the principles of democracy and The Rule of Law. In the past there were foreign policy errors by nations, especially with respects to events on the African continent, that have surfaced recently due to events on the global stage ie the War in Ukraine.

Wisdom says we should not repeat those errors. For democracy wherever in the world cannot develop and progress in a vacuum. The free World has to actively support democracy wherever in the world. Otherwise other ideologies will take over that space, to the detriment of democracy and to the detriment of The Free World.

Alternatively, they may acknowledge the Zimbabwean Democracy Crisis with respect to the Diaspora Vote and choose to work closely with the people of Zimbabwe to put a stop to these “Fake elections by Zanu PF government“.

Opposition parties have only taken part in these elections, knowing that they are fundamentally flawed but with the full knowledge that Zanu PF would continue with or without them in this “fake“ election. More importantly, the Opposition parties have taken part in these elections in order to fight for the people who have suffered so much, under the 43 years of rule by Zanu PF. Opposition parties have taken part in these elections in order to show the Region, African Continent and the world, that they believe in democracy and that they are doing the very best they can. That under these terrible conditions, help from the Free world would be greatly appreciated.

How does one feel about this situation. We urge people to sign this Referendum so that those of us who are willing to act can act , in the knowledge that this is what people want ie a democratic Zimbabwe where The Human Right to Vote and the Vote are respected without conditions.

  • If you were born, raised or have Zimbabwean ancestry, sign this Unitary Referendum.
  • If you only just believe in The Human Right To Vote, sign the Referendum.
  • allows one to sign using their name or anonymously. is an internationally recognised organisation, that recognises that sometimes people may want to sign such campaigns but may have security concerns. Hence signed anonymously is also accepted.

Whoever you are, wherever you are and you “feel “the injustice here, just sign the Referendum.

The Anti-Apartheid Movement that helped bring independence to South Africa was global because of people’s belief in democracy. Hence, the Zimbabwean Diaspora Vote Unitary Referendum must also be global. Saviour Kasukuwere's recent court challenges have exhausted/limited, legal remedy within Zimbabwe, hence the need to elevate the diaspora vote to the Region and globally. Both in the High Court and in his appeal to the Supreme Court, he failed because of the diaspora issue, with respect to standing as a Presidential Candidate and also voting. The High Court and Supreme Court, both took the view that the Electoral Act Section 23(3) held supremacy, over the Constitutions sections 66, 67, with respect to freedom of movement and residence, and the Right To Vote. Regional and international legal minds have all rejected both The High Court and Supreme Courts adjudication on this matter, comprehensively.

You can sign this Referendum with either your name or anonymously as already stated.

This is a continuous Referendum.

However, for Zimbabweans you must in your MILLIONS vote in the elections on 23rd August 2023. The Referendum is not a substitute for the election.

The REFERENDUM is in addition to the election!
The Referendum began on the 08th August 2023 and is indefinite, until The Diaspora vote is allowed but in the interim it will be producing reports at intervals
The first report will be on the 30th August 2023 to be sent sent to the Election Observers Teams and others.
The second report will be on the 3rd October if there is a Presidential rerun in the election.
If there is no re-run then the second referendum report will be on the 1st November 2023.
Further report dates will be published in due course.

This Referendum is not a sprint but is a marathon.