Zimbabweans Gather from all over the UKUPDATE: 16th September 2023: SADC Observer "Attack" bt ZBC! Dr. Nevers Mumba {SADC Chief Observer} remains unwavering despite a Zanu-PF collaboration with some Zambians on a documentary he views as a threat to national security.  CLICK HERE to read/download his statement

Many Zimbabweans gathered outside Number 10 Downing Street on a warm and sunny Friday {15th September 2023} to deliver a Petition with 11 recomendations to the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and the Minister for Africa (and Development at the FDCO - Foreign Development and Commonwealth Office) the Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP.

Myself and Chief Ndiweni handed over the documents at the doors of Number 10 Downing Street  - the Official Residence of the PM. You can Read or Download our 15 page, evidence based Petition by Clicking HERE.

On the day we also took the opportunity to greet Zimbabweans from all over the UK; Glasgow, Scotland; Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Portsmouth, Southampton, Stockton-on-Tees, Coventry, Leeds, Milton Keynes and many more! We show here a link to our Flickr Pro Platform to see the progress of the day. These are stills - we will have some video content to add shortly.  

The key and salient point in the petition are listed here below;
  1. The shambolic, corrupt and heavily biased election “process” from Delimitation/Registration manipulations, the dis-organised election 23-24th August, the Alterations of V11’s and the post-election violence against CCC members – Zimbabwe has had NO CREDIBLE ELECTION
  2. The rushed announcement by ZEC to proclaim Mnangagwa as the Presidential victor {now removed} reeks of ill-advised panic by Mnangagwa.
  3. The ambivalence of the Military and their declarations to “The president” {as opposed to the Constitution} all smack of corruption at the faux ‘inauguration’.
  4. Zanu PF are a regional “Destabilisation Organisation” - using looted funds to maintain injustice, corruption and violence! Further rumour has Zanu PF trying to ‘engineer’ a coup on Zambia using the previousPetition Delivery President.
  5. Details of all Observer Missions accessible in Appendices[1]
  6. Arbitrary and frequent arrests of CCC MP’s and activists to manipulate potential voting.
  7. No progress on a DIASPORA VOTE – disenfranchising several millions of Zimbabweans globally.
  8. Further rumour has Zanu PF actively supporting ANC in SA to support their corruption of democracy.
  9. Job Sikhala is still being held in detention {15 months and counting}
  10. Remember the #GoldMafia[2] Criminal Syndicate in Zimbabwe, has not been fully investigated.
  11. We therefore plead with the UK/FCDO to join with SADC/AU/US/EU/Commonwealth, Carter Centre and others, to sponsor a new, INDEPENDENTLY administered, Free and Fair Election in Zimbabwe to accurately reflect the Will of the voting ELECTORATE.


[1] Full details at https://zexit.org/zexit/zimbabwe-fails-the-electorate

[2] Al Jazeera 4 part Investigation: https://zexit.org/zexit/gold-mafia-all-4-episodes 


Lead Up to the Election


29th August 2023: Zimbabwe Peace Project; In their July 2023 Review leading up to the Election reported “In the month before the elections ZPP recorded 301 human rights violations, a large increase from 206 in June 2023. The recorded violations demonstrate that citizens are not able to access an environment that is free to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in independent Zimbabwe.”

“During the 2023 pre-electoral period ZPP has observed an alarming trend of attacks and intimidation against CCC activists in their localities. Attacks on aspiring candidates have been documented by ZPP, primarily against aspiring local authority and national assembly candidates.”

Please NOTE:

All International Observer Mission reports 23-31st August 2013 can be viewed and downloaded at the following link {https://zexit.org/zexit/zimbabwe-fails-the-electorate } and further details found in the Appendix Number 2 at the end of this petition.

Post-Election Environment


14th September 2023: CCC Citizens' Coalition for Change @CCCZimbabwe “Just this week, the regime has arrested over 10 of our members, including our two Members of Parliament, @MaureenKade & @Cde_Ostallos.


13th September 2023 Newsday Zimbabwe: “A ZAMBIAN minister has revealed that his country will soon approach the @SADC_News, @_AfricanUnion and @UN over allegations that Zimbabwe’s ruling @ZANUPF_Official party is working with Zambia’s opposition to kill President @HHichilema”


12th September 2023: Guardian UK: Zimbabwe’s president accused of nepotism after appointing son{s, wife} and nephew!


10th September 2023: The Honourable Tendai Biti

“Once again Zimbabwe finds itself facing a fork. We make a choice between stagnation, toxicity, reversal, exclusion versus freedom, tolerance, growth & inclusivity. Many choose the Zim we want. A new consensus of respect, justice, transparency, accountability equality, tolerance & prosperity”

HANSARD 5th September House of Lords Debate:


Baroness Hoey: “The saddest thing is that, as the election observers left, the familiar pattern of widespread arrests, abductions and torture of grass-roots supporters of the opposition is taking place as we speak all over the country. There were even lawyers arrested last night in a hospital where they were representing tortured victims—the same kind of retribution that Mugabe did after 2008. Does the noble Lord agree that now is the time for full support by His Majesty’s Government for SADC’s efforts to resolve the crisis, and in particular for our newly arrived ambassador to re-evaluate all facets of our relationship with a Zimbabwean Government who flout their own laws through acts of violence and torture, and to give some hope even in the darkest days to the perseverance and courage of the Zimbabwean people?”

Lord Oates: “My Lords, in light of the developments in Zimbabwe—the widespread violence and intimidation of voters in the rural areas, the abduction and torture of many opposition activists and the continued detention of opposition Members of Parliament—will the UK Government be rather less equivocal and make absolutely clear that they do not regard these elections as free and fair and that the Government of Zimbabwe have no legitimacy? Will they make clear that, as long as this is the case, it will not be readmitted to the Commonwealth, as far as Britain is concerned, and that we will work with SADC colleagues to try to find resolutions to the problem?”