Introduction: Politics of Inward Investment

When you have a budget this big {in a small Country like Zimbabwe}, you can get what you want. In the UK at the London Stock Exchange Zanu PF {still masquerading as a government – after 43 years} set about with a slick and professional ‘Indaba’. It was impressive, all singing, all dancing performance.

They had enlisted Tom Attenborough, Head of International Business Development – Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange – to, in effect green-light their Victoria Falls Exchange {VFX} and listen to a lot of talk about changing the regulatory framework etc etc.

The Finance Minister {Mthuli Ncube} was supposed to give the “Keynote Speech” but we suspect he was arrested at Heathrow – something to do with money laundering and gold smuggling {possibly} as #GoldMafia would indicate. Maybe he had too much Gold Bullion in his luggage, thinking he could get that back to Switzerland where he lives!

Indaba Critical Review

Having said all that, the event was well scripted, well-rehearsed, with a carefully vetted audience with plenty of MBA style word-speak. {some might say “waffle”}.

Both Ambassador Colonel K Katsande {ex Military!}, and Mthuli’s “stand-in” both ironically used the word “TRANSPARENCY” in their talks – with a record of 43 years in power, and done so, with a fist of iron {in an iron glove!} aided by staggering resources built around the propaganda to 'hide' their crimes – transparency {even in terms of Investor Risk} is completely misleading!

7th-APR-2023 News Day Article HeadlinesStill with $240m to burn on the 2023 election anything is possible. Studies, data to reinforce your claims and your agenda {easily bought these days}.

Marketed under the banner of “”Financial Markets Indaba {their words} has the aim of mobilising investment through convening diaspora, leading global institutional investors, corporate leaders, industry experts and our team of analysts to explore sector and market trends and identify significant investment opportunities. Through thought leadership, productive exchange of ideas and sharing practices, the conference delegates and participants discuss how to integrate and align regulatory framework with new strategies, business models, financial measures, and investment decisions. FMI is a unit of Emergent Capital Management (ECM) which is licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe.””

  • ECM must be one of the World’s only Financial Web site without a ‘secure server’ – let’s hope their casual attitude {for the sake of a few dollars for a secure server authentication certificate} towards your financial security in not reflected in their looking after your money!

The term “diaspora engagement” and “diaspora policy” were used a lot as if they could provide all the inward investment - whereas the bulk of the diaspora have, in fact fled the regime for the safety of the UK and other parts of the World - therefor ethe majority of the diaspora are against the Zanu PF regime and are not in a position to be investing - even though they would love to improve their homeland. The regimae tends to divert funds to their own benefit.

  • Conference Partner: Bard Santner Markets Inc (SA)SPEAKER ON THE PANEL
  • Financial Markets Indaba is Linked to; Emergent Capital Management {a "Not secure" website} 2nd Floor, West Tower, Maude Street, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton,2146, South Africa. Who in turn are Licenced by the Securities Commission of Zimbabwe
  • Platinum Sponsors: INNSCOR Africa Ltd; CBZ; KARO Mining Holdings {Cyprus} SPEAKER
  • Gold Sponsors: House of Chinhara
  • Conference Sponsors: Nyaradzo Group; West Prop Holdings

Reality vs Sales Pitch

Now all their talk about improvements, better regulatory controls, better investor relations, better marketing {of Zimbabwe's Zanu PF regime}, lessons learned etc etc. Belies the fact that the Zanu PF regime has been in control of all aspects of government {and some would say that there is no division between the Zanu PF Party and all functions of government} for 43 years!! Yes 43 years in charge, every election time they make the same old promises over and over – but have never delivered!

Now that Zanu PF are spending $240m to get 5 more years of incompetence, corruption, looting and graft – enforced with a rod of iron or the gun!

The chap from the Cyprus registered Karo Mining Holdings {Bernard Pryor} briefly mention {with a sly grin} their needs for power – electricity to run their operations. So much is their need that he has signed a Memorandum of Understanding {MOU} for 300MW of Solar Power with a French Company. Forgetting to mention that that number {of MW} is the “Plate Power” potential – except when its dark, or cloudy etc. He stated that they need 70 MW – the rest would go into the “Grid” {joke}.

Which brings us to The CEO of ZIDA {Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency} Mr Tafadzwa Chinamo. He spoke quickly about INFRASTRUCTURE {to be fair he did allude to some problems – but moved on without further explanation}.