At the Pretoria HQ of DIRCOPetition Handover 24th May 2023 and 25th May Africa Day

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Diplomat Diplomatic Action against Zimbabwe Politicians implicated in Gold smuggling and Money Laundering involving individuals, local Financial Institutions, acts promoting lawlessness in SADC, noting failure by SAPS to comply with 30 October 2014 High Court ruling on human rights abuse in Zimbabwe. 24th May 2023 Petition and Picket

Zimbabwe Integrated Platform, Disabled Migrants Rights Networking Organization, Africa Integrated Platform, Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation, Zimbabwe Economic Movement, Zimbabwe Youth Alliance and stakeholders partners are bringing to your attention, and seeking enforcement and implementing the 2014 ruling by High Court, into Act for rule of law. We prevail with the possibility to curb an influx of migrants fleeing violence, intimidation and harassment into South Africa.

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO)

Tambo Building 460 Soutpansberg Road Rietondale Pretoria 0084

Picketing starts @ 9am till 12 noon
  • Speakers: Brian Muziringa: DMRNO and ZIP
  • Ishmael Kauzani: AIP
  • Thompson Charlie - Mindscape
  • Shelton Chigugu - DCD
  • and others

""As we celebrate 'Africa Month' down here in South Africa, as Zimbabwe Integrated Platform, together with our partners DMRNO, AIP, ZYA, ACTSA, MyRight2Vote and ZHRO, we have taken a bold step. We have handed over a carefully written petition to the Department of International Relations (DIRCO), on behalf of the majority of Zimbabwean at home and abroad who's voices are suppressed by the second republic of Zimbabwe.""

""We took it upon ourselves to register our grievances about Corruption and continued Human Rights abuses in Zimbabwe. For years we have been witnessing the people being abused through the use of money which comes from illicit deals, such as selling Gold & Diamonds on the black market with individual government officials and non-state actors.""

""We have marked the beginning of serious activism in South Africa to put awareness to the majority of Zimbabweans living in the diaspora. We are going to be the 'Advocacy-Vehicle' for democracy in diaspora, by giving awareness to the people of Zimbabwe that they have a 'Right to Vote' whilst in their current countries of residence. That they have the rights to stop corruption, as well advocating for perpetrators of Human Rights abuse and 'leaders' implicated by recent Al Jazeera documentary called Gold Mafia {#GoldMafia} to be arrested once they set foot in South Africa and other countries who respect the international law."" Ishmail Kauzani - Zimbabwe Integrated Platform (ZIP)

We also requested that:

  • The DIRCO must publicly state its intervention in this matter and make clear that those defending human rights and vulnerable people in the Republic shall not be intimidated, threatened or harmed by any member of the public or any party, whether private or state. 
  • The SAPS and DIRCO must inform the public about their position and progress made on this matter.

See full written petition here {CLICK HERE}

Zimbabwe Integrated Platform (ZIP) is a non-profit organization (NPO) founded in 2020 and established to create and sustain economic ideas, programs and projects in underprivileged and disadvantaged communities, capacity-building, skills and social development programs, and fosters social cohesion among the youth, women, disabled, migrants & vulnerable groups.