Whistle Blower and Lawyer➡️ WHISTLEBLOWER’S LAWYER:

Good morning members of the 4th estate. I want to thank you for gathering at such short notice for this press statement that I’m going to read on behalf of my client, seated here next to me, to my right. We will not be taking any questions today, so please bear with us. My client will make further comments at a later time.

Here now I shall read the statement:

  • "The Zimbabwe harmonized election of August 2023 was a complete and shambolic SHAM.
  • My party ZANU PF was defeated heavily across the board.
  • Let me start off by stating categorically, that indeed, as you ALL know and the entire World knows, Mr. Nelson Chamisa is, as we speak, the President of the Nation of Zimbabwe, as voted OVERWHELMINGLY by the Zimbabwean People on 23rd August.
  • Mr. Mnangagwa, despite all the underhanded efforts we made over the last 2-3 years in preparation to filch this election, was defeated in a landslide. It was an utter humiliation that reverberated like a horror dome through the corridors our Party.
  • Never before have Zimbabweans spoken so clearly in rejection of a candidature.
  • However, I must tell you now, that while MUCH focus has been on the Presidential elections of August 2023, this distraction has led the Nation to avert focus from the little-known fact that ZANU PF was absolutely trounced in the parliamentary elections as well!

The CCC won more than 2/3 of those seats in Parliamenet and we had to do some miraculous and speedy moving to adjust the numbers to reverse those victories.

In fact in some cases it was just too overwhelming and impossible to fudge the figures, so just like the Presidential results, we just had to announce figures from thin air and declare multiple ZANU PF winners, who had in fact lost.

  • That is why you will NEVER ever see those figures published by ZEC.
  • They have ZERO backing.
  • Winners were just announced willy nilly to give Zanu Pf a majority!
  • And now even after all of that, my Party has scraped the bottom of the barrel to create a diabolic scheme to remove even those few opposition MPs that they had originally allowed to keep their victories.
  • They want to completely annihilate the opposition using law fare, and this fictional stooge character that they propped up as the so-called ‘secretary general’ of the CCC.
  • It’s complete madness.

And this is all to do with wanting to have the numbers to make numerous nefarious changes to the Constitution, including to extend Mnangagwa’s term until he pretty much dies in office...

  • But I must also tell you now, that just like all of you, I also have my limits.
  • The truth is that I have been struggling for many years with my conscience.
  • I don’t know how all of this happened but I woke up one morning and I was part of a deranged and criminal clique that was hell-bent on keeping power by any means necessary.

It’s like the metaphor of the frog in hot water. I must have been sitting in the water pot as it got slowly heated over the decades and I didn’t realize what was happening and the MONSTER that I was becoming, until the pot got so hot, that if it wasn’t the little sense of conscience I still have left, I would surely have stayed there in the pot of toxicity and greed until it boiled me to death, and I would go to the eternal fires of hell, that await me and my ZANU colleagues in the next world.

  • But I am opting out of that wretched fate.
  • Many of you think that because we are ZANU PF, we are not human.
  • But we have feelings and emotions just like you. We feel sadness and joy, and REGRET...
  • Like Shylock says in the Merchant of Venice: ‘If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die?”
  • We are like you. Many of us have a conscience too, however tiny.
  • I’m here to humble myself before you fellow Zimbabweans and beg for your forgiveness.
  • My conscience cannot allow me to continue to exist on the satanic fringe any longer.

WE have stolen elections from you; we have beaten, abducted and tortured you; we have jailed you and separated you from your families when you had committed no crimes; we have enriched ourselves from the national cake that was supposed to give our people lives of dignity, purpose, optimism and joy.

  • We have done all these things, and I was a part of it.
  • I was blinded by power and greed.
  • I have lost good friends and loved family members, who no longer wanted to be associated with the monster I had become.
  • In return they were replaced with butchers and thieves...
  • That is a very poor exchange.

My biggest regret are the laws that I created or endorsed that removed your rights to a fair justice system and further entrenched your oppression by my Party.

They say democracy dies in darkness, and I was one of those that ensured the continuation of the perpetual cold night that has been the last few decades of your lives.

  • But enough is enough. I am bowing out of this pernicious cult.
  • My regret is that our Party that once held so much potential, and was so LOVED by our people has come to become the very shackles, that so many gallant Zimbabweans fought and died to break.
  • The lives of our liberation heroes were wasted.
  • Our people are worse off and more miserable than before they were ‘liberated’.

HOW could that happen??

  • THAT is the greatest betrayal in African history!
  • I hope more of my shameless comrades in ZANU will be able to see that.
  • What have we done? What have we done? What have we done?
  • Fellow Zimbabweans, I have prepared a thorough report of all the misdeeds that ZANU PF has been part of since the early 2000s.

As a senior insider, I have documented to the best of my knowledge: how we have looted, how we have tortured and killed activists and opposition members, how we have sold off our most fertile land, prolific wildlife areas, forest lands, and natural mineral resources to private foreign individuals and padded our own pockets.

  • I have detailed it ALL and have distributed the report to different parties both domestically and abroad, in case something happens to me.
  • I have no doubt that my Comrades in ZANU PF will seek retribution. It’s what they are best known for.
  • But my hope is that by coming forward publicly as a whistleblower, I may give others in my Party the courage to also say “NO. It’s enough now.”
  • And that perhaps we may begin a tidal wave of people coming to their senses and realizing the incredible damage we have done to our beautiful Zimbabwe and its People.

We cannot continue like this.

Our country has so much potential and can turn around very quickly, once the political will comes into existence.

This is a time for heroes.

Yes, we are indeed FALLEN heroes in the eyes of our people, but it is not too late to give our people the country and democracy they deserve.

  • I do not expect your forgiveness Zimbabweans. I know we went too far and did too much damage.
  • But all I can do is spend my remaining days trying to make amends.
  • Henceforth, I will endeavour to live by that age-old mantra, from which my colleagues and I have strayed:

Bono Malum Superate (Overcome evil with good).

I thank you.”

➡️ JOURNALISTS: “Sir! Sir! Can we ask just a couple of questions??”