13 12 2023What a great day - despite the drizzle later, a very successful day was had by the wide ranging citizens groups that included Chief Felix Ndiweni, Duke Maplanka {ZAPU EU Chair} https://zapu.info/ Model Pamire {CCC UK Organising Secretary} https://ccc-diaspora.com/  Panyika Karimanzira {ROHR Spokesperson} https://rohr-zimbabwe.org/ and John Burke {ZHRO} https://zhro.org.uk/.

{And those in Pretoria Brian Muziringa {DMRNO Chair} https://dmrno.org And others ZIP, AIP and ZYA.}

The 40 plus Zimbabweans who braved the cold and wet were rewarded by the willingness of all that we visited to 'LISTEN' to the plight of normal {non-Zanu PF} citizens - and to question the propaganda based narrative emanating for those squatting in the Chinese Built Parliament - who are additionally disenfranchised the brave voting Zimbabwean Electorate! We have asked "Why is it that ZEC have still not given any NUMERICAL justification for the Soft Coup happening in Zimbabwe.

Today Zimbabweans arrived from all over the UK - Bolton, Huddersfield, Manchester, Peterlee, Leicester, Corby, Birmingham, Cardiff, Southampton, Milton Keynes, and elsewhere - this shows the level of commitment to make such a journey to a miserable Central London march.

In Birminghan, Shamiso had organised a "sit-in" to draw the attentions to the plight of the Zimbabwean electorate - which of course included those within the diaspora who are illegally/unconstitutionally not invited to vote. SADC themselves in their recommendations, puts the Diaspora vote "on the table" as it were. So we await the 'carpeting' of Mnangagwa in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, by the SADC Elders on the 18th December!

New contacts have been made, doors are beginning to be 'opened' and we have been invited back to discuss further the Zimbabwe crises - yes the multiple of crisis! Rishi Sunak even arranged a wonderful Christmas Tree to make our arrival more "festive" - see more photos on our Flickr Album - Click the link below.

The rigged election, the gerrymandering, the abductions, intimidation's, the torture and the MURDER too - the World has been watching and making note. The Criminal Zanu PF regime, "who are "squatters" within the White Elephant (the Chinese Built Parliament Building!), need to face the proverbial music. #ZanuPFMustGO

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