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In the UK a Change Org petition was eastablished, which quickly garners good support. Created by Cathy Fikile Tshezi replicated here and if you feel the need to sign CLICK HERE Currently in excess of 18,000

"It has been identified in a documentary carried out by Al Jazeera that the Zimbabwean President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, appointed Eubert Angel ( self proclaimed 'businessman' and Prophet who preaches the gospel) as Zimbabwe Ambassador for Europe and America. It has surfaced in the documentary, where there were undercover journalists who purportedly to be from China and wanted gold. The President of Mines; Henrietta Rushwaya ( Emmerson Mnangagwa's niece) and Eubert Angel have been involved in money laundering and smuggling gold out of Zimbabwe to Dubia. There's other nationalities involved in this cartel. As Zimbabweans we strongly believe that all assests in the United Kingdom that belong to Eubert Angel should be frozen, as there's is evidence that they were acquired illegally."

"Please help us by signing this petition as Zimbabwe's economy has collapsed due to the actions of the selfish and greedy people in power.""Please help us by signing this petition as Zimbabwe's economy has collapsed due to the actions of the selfish and greedy people in power." 

"The people of Zimbabwe are suffering as a result of these acts and they are faced with hardship and live in poverty. Zimbabwe has it's economy collapsed yet it's got enough resources  to sustain the nation and create jobs for the masses. The health care lacks equipment, medication and the people to provide care -  as health professionals have fled the country in search of better salaries elsewhere in the diaspora. The education system is poor as there are no facilities in schools  for children to learn.  There are no classrooms, children learn outside under trees sitting on rocks, there's no school furniture, books and all other resources for the teachers to be able to provide the best education for the children of Zimbabwe. The infrastructure is poor and there is no proper sanitation and because of that it has left people falling ill because of waste not being managed adequately."

"The roads are in a terrible condition and lives are lost due to the poor state of the highways as they lack proper servicing and maintenance. There is no clean water and the people are relaying on boreholes that were donated to the community by other Zimbabweans in the diaspora after having heard of the plight faced by fellow Zimbabweans. There's been lives lost due to deaths caused by fire as there is no electricity and people use firewood, gas and candles, paraffin lamps to illuminate in the dark in their homes. All these problems are caused by the government who is involved in gold mafia and money laundering resulting in the country's economy collapsing." 

"It is now time for all Zimbabwean all over the world and those who sympathise with us to bring this to an end and we take action by signing a petition that Eubert Angel has to be arrested for the crimes he's committed. The billions that are laundered and gold smuggled can help build back the economy of Zimbabwe."

"We stand in solidarity as the people of Zimbabwe" Written by Cathy Fikile Tshez