Shamiso MoyoMy name is Shamiso Moyo. I am a mother of three children and a grandmother of two. I am a human rights activist and a politician in my own right.

I am a Zimbabwean by birth and descent. I have lived in the UK since 2015 and l am still a stateless law abiding person.

Zimbabwe was once upon a time a bread basket and jewel of Southern Africa. It was at some point an envy of many Africa countries. It had one of the best judiciary systems, police force and army and once upheld its constitution to the letter.

All this has gone down the drain and it has become a banana republic. There is no rule of law, there is captured judiciary, partisan army and police.

When Job Sikhala was harassed and taken to Chikurubi maximum prison on 14th June of 2022 my heart was broken. I thought it was going to be a few weeks or months given the circumstances surrounding his case then which was representing the family of the gruesome murder of Moreblessing Ali.

However alas, one and a half years {587 days or nearly 88 weeks} Job Sikhala is still on remand in the maximum security prison. This is painful as a woman, a mother, a wife, a sister and worse a child of Job. How all those relations of his are feeling. I keep asking myself whether a leader like ED {the squatting [self proclaimed] president} has a 'conscience' at all;  this is just about his ego.

Zimbabwe no longer worry themselves about abiding to the constitution which should govern the country they worry about pleasing their masters.

Today (22nd January - see Photo-log HERE) was a very cold day and l braved the cold and rain and chose to be there for Job Sikhala and his family; my heart bleeds for a better Zimbabwe. Not for politics only but for Human Rights. I was there and l could not control my tears and l continue to seek justice for all prisoners of conscience.

Job Sikhala is a bona-fide citizen of Zimbabwe, a qualified lawyer and was an honorable Member of Parliament at the time. He is a father, a husband, a brother an uncle and someone else's son who is languishing in prison for nothing.

His offence is being a voice of the voiceless the down trodden. His offence is demanding justice for the gruesome murder of Moreblessing Ali and most importantly being a prisoner of conscience.

All these have caused him to be locked behind bars for 18 months without conviction. He has been denied bail and has been denied his family and friends. He is languishing in jail in iron legs for a crime they have failed to establish for 18 months and yet they cannot bail him. Job Sikhala has suffered the highest magnitude of injustice just because Ed Mnangagwa says so!

This is the reason l decided to go and plead on his behalf for the World to intervene. Job Sikhala is going for trial on 24 January 2024 again for a countless number of times can the captured judiciary of Zimbabwe for wants render this soul justice can they give him bail and let him go to his family. This abuse of power and authority must come to an end.

Job Sikhala Days in DetaintionAs a human rights activist and politician l always fear for my life Zimbabwe is not a safe place. Many people have been abducted and tortured and left for dead. Some have been murdered just for what they believe in. After the August 23 elections five people have been murdered for political reasons and the murderers are still roaming the streets free.

Zimbabwe needs to be made to realise that they must change and must respect the will of the people.

As l board the bus back from London to Coventry l could not stop to think about all the injustices people in Zimbabwe are suffering and l cannot see an end to all this in the near future. This is going to continue because Zanu PF wants to silence the voices of reason so that they continue to loot the resources of the country.

We will continue to speak we will continue to expose the madness of Zanu PF. Alluta continua

Strangely enough there were Zanu PF sympathisers present today who claimed to be  "journalists" for Zimba Wave Media {see for yourself as there are several highly partisan articles from the discredited Dr{??} MASIMBA MAVAZA!} The chap who made some amazing claims about ZHRO's John Burke during the amazing COP26 Protests and demonstrations where the only headline Zanu PF made was about the "Booze Cruise" as featured on the TV Show "Have I Got News For You as seen on Twitter/X and See ZHRO Article Link HERE

""At Zimba Wave Media, we believe in the power of storytelling to inspire, entertain, and influence positive change"" It seems they are very much focused on the Story Telling side, and a bit scarce on the FACTS!