Take2Zorro02T smallIt is with heavy heart that the "non-aligned-(to Zanu PF) Diaspora" arrive at the 43rd anniversary of the 1980 {apparent} Independence. This false "celebration" championed by Zanu PF is a complete SHAM, the War Veterans did not effectively succeed, as one heartless regime has been replaced by Zanu PF who are equally as heartless.

As Gold Mafia scandal unfolds {see link to Part One here} it is becoming obvious that the regime is only there to "fill their boots" with the plunder that was once Zimbabwe - now just a 'carcass', stripped bare of the mineral-wealth of the Nation. Now without even basic functioning infrastructure, having no dependable electricity supply, sewage systems, water supplies, railways, trains, aircraft, - even the dams are unstable! All due to the aversion that the Zanu PF regime {in control of the finances of such matters} to spend any necessary money on ongoing and vital maintenance!